Coachella Music

A delayed post of a few bands I photographed & filmed during Coachella weekend. I have a few more rolls of film left from the last day of Coachella that i'll develop ASAP. 'Till then, enjoy! 

Friday night, Saint took us backstage at the 1107 tent and caught the end of Dylan's (Le Castle Vania) set
 (oh hi Cassius, I see you lurkin')
Justice + Dj Mehdi + Cassius + Busy P = Club 75 
We stuck it out like true fans through Paparazzi & Rusko (most obnoxious & sweaty fans EVER) to be front center for Club 75. To our dismay, Xavier was a no show. Big disappointment!

MGMT (last two photos courtesy of Joe) I love the accidental triple exposure shot!

Jay Z & Beyonce (I swear that's her on the projector)
Fever Ray (Karin is fucking crazy. I love her)

& Videos can be found on my youtube here.


"Come on tell me where it is, cause i'm looking for that happiness."



Just the first batch of photos from Coachella weekend. I miss it already. Joellen & I made the mistake of attempting to camp. We knew we wouldn't last the moment we pitched our tent up and the only thing in the tent bag was the canopy and steaks. (no body of the tent) Besides waiting 2 hours at 2am for a shower (once) and sleeping at 4am only to wake up 4 hours later from the heat.. I can't complain about my weekend. It was one of the best weekends of my life, as I knew it would be!

for those of you who don't know... it's also an art festival!
The main stage caught on fire.
Ran into Dylan backstage at the 1107 tent.

There's No Sorrow That The Sun's Not Gonna Heal

finally got my film processed. these were all taken in LA a few weeks ago. coachella post on its way! xo