Bright Eyes - "The Peoples Key" Leak

Bright Eyes most recent and final album set to release on February 15th (Conor's Birthday) has leaked on NPR. Take a listen here. If you are a fan, support Bright Eyes and be sure to buy the album once it comes out.

I will definitely be glued to my computer for a few days. On another note, I was able to snag myself a ticket for his show in Pomona right before it Sold Out! I am definitely excited, but genuinly sad that this will be the end of Bright Eyes...

I'm curious what all you fans think of the album... comment with your thoughts! xo



LA Ghost
Photos from the boys show at Pehrspace in Echo Park last night. Black Elephant, LA Ghost and a few other bands played. It was a good turnout but unfortunately I had run out of film to document the evening :/.

Girl About Town

These New Years photos just surfaced from my mystery roll of film. I love film surprises!


Random Collection of Photos

Just a collection of random photos i've snapped in the past month. 

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V Magazine

I am absolutely smitten with V Magazines online "Megabytes for Spring" spread. Quirky, eye-catching fun!





D&G and Marni. Too good. 

"Megabytes of Spring" via V Magazine

Country Getaway

Lately the weather here in CA has been nearly perfect. The boy and I decided to take advantage of it and drive to the "country". I say it in quotes because it actually is just a small town about 15 miles in the backwoods of my home. We had a perfect little picnic before sunset. He brought the wine, I brought the food... and I snapped these few shots in the 30 minute slot of sunlight we had left. For future reference, we should definitely come earlier in the day and bring tons of blankies for night time! Our adventure was cut way too short!


Coachella 2011

Animal Collective + Bright Eyes AND Arcade Fire all on the same night.
Dream come true ;).

Who is everyone excited to see?


"Rather be a bandit than a lover..."

Last weekend, my good friend Suzy invited me to attend her sister Yukimi's show at the Echoplex. We all met up at her house, got ready, and headed to the venue in LA. We had arrived two hours into the show and there was still a line wrapped around the building. Not sure if it was people waiting in line to get in or waiting for more tickets to be released to the sold out show. (mind you I have been to this venue handfuls of times and it's never been this packed!!) Little Dragon has surely acquired a diverse fan base, (i saw fans older than my parents at this show!) and i'm sure their recent tour with the Gorillaz has helped them immensely.

Don't forget to check their album "Machine Dreams" and the Gorillaz album they are featured in titled "Plastic Beach".

This weekend I went to the Black Ryder show at the Echo. They're are a bit of a Psychedelic band (with female singers ;), woowee!) from Australia that my boy really wanted to see. We made it in time for three songs... (this seems to be routine lately), went to Goldroom, then left to Chad's goodbye party before he left for tour today in the UK with his band Funeral Party. By then, my roll of film had ran out so these will have to suffice. xoxo