" “I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of love…I’m starting with the Man In The Mirror/ I’m asking him to change his ways.”


Welcome to the Badlands

"We're all mad here"

Pop surrealism at it's finest. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by the talented Camille Rose Garcia.


Strawberry Hill

Over-due post. Last weekend, Alyson, Hailey, Brandy and I made our way to the annual Strawberry Festival. We ended up staying for only an hour because it was too chaotic.. We headed over to a bar in downtown and ended up at a party in LA.

Photos above shot by my friend Brandy.


Deadbeat Summer

Friday night was the Neon Indian show in LA. Pt and I ended the night at Pink's and ordered vegan tofu dogs with guacamole and fajita mix. So good. Unfortunately, I think my film expired so only a few photos came out.



The Ruby Suns - "Cranberry"


Summer Cum

If you enjoy listening to music I post on my blog, check out this blog here. My friend Paul & blog owner of "I don't like your tunes" influences my musical taste immensely.


You're just a weatherman, we make the wind blow

My favorite band at the moment is the dynamic Brooklyn electric duo "Sleigh Bells." Can't get enough!! Check them out here.