Catherine Baba

Stylist Catherine Baba. Style on legs.



Music gives a soul to the universe.

Beach House came out with a new album today called "Teen Dream". I am looking forward to seeing this band play at Coachella!! Countdown: 80 days.


& The new "Skeletons" video by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs off their latest album "It's Blitz!" This video is directed by Karen O's boyfriend Barney Clay. Enjoy.


The making of the "Skeletons" video.



I love this light in winter time, the frost cakes in the carpet.

Things I want.

"Pixie" Jeffery Campbell Booties

Deena & Ozzy Scallop Lace Skimmer

Wildfox Skeleton Leggings


Wildfox Hawk Feather Indian Tank
Wildfox Cowboy Baggy Beach Jumper 

Wildfox reminds me a bit of the old primp. Love it.


Hello, Cupcake!

These delectable photos have inspired me to have a cupcake and tea party. Joellen and I are spending tomorrow afternoon baking and decorating cupcakes. I even purchased a book full of cupcake photography, recipes, and themes. I'm craving peanut butter and red velvet!! Mmm.. so good!!



Color my life with the chaos of trouble.



Tonight was perfect nighttime beach weather. I was able to keep warm in a pair of shorts and my new beloved lace trimmed thigh-highs. The perks of living in beautiful California.


I know i'm about a year late but i'm loving MACS barbie collection. Hot pink lips and cheeks. Love it all. I was sad to discover that they no longer sell the black lipstick from the paint it black collection. I have been searching for a black lipstick! It's hard to come by.



Miss matched colors and bold prints


I am loving Versace's new spring/summer 2010 collection featuring Georgia Jagger. Bright colors and mismatched prints. I'm all about it! If only I could get a hold of something cheaper and as daring. I think it's time to invest in a sewing machine.