Rusko on Fire

Last night was chaotic. One of the craziest nights I have had in a long time! We arrived at the Avalon around 10 and the line was INSANE. It actually wasn't even a line.. just a huge mob of hundreds of people crowding around like ants to get in. Deftones was playing earlier that day. They didn't start letting people in until around 11ish!  I literally puked at the thought of no separate line for guest-list or will call.  We pushed our way to the side entrance to find the guy who was getting us in. Almost 2 hours of waiting and pushing through sweaty gross people we were in. There wasn't even room to dance. I could here Pete announcing things on the megatron so I made my way to the front of the stage where I saw kidcity. Diplo was in the house too! Got on stage, looked for him.. couldn't find him so I decided to dance behind rusko. His brother in law introduced me to him. Very cool. Discovered he uses traktor. crazy right? Got a text from Pete to go upstairs. He takes me to his friends VIP booth where I hangout for a bit until this obnoxious gay guy forces me to come with him on stage again. Eventually they kick everyone but the DJ off so I make my way to the front of the crowd to find the tallest, strongest looking man to put me on his shoulders. The crowd was so insane. The energy was wild. LA is now rusko's hometown!! I officially pronounce him the king of dubstep. He killed it. Amaaaaaazing set.Can't wait till the next show. Avalon needs to work on being more organized.

All my photos are on disposable so be patient! Until then, these should do.. 

Diplo in the house!

ruskiez brudder.

photos taken by whoopthis.com