Dark, you can't come soon enough for me.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Mine was nothing short of amazing. Yesterday I volunteered at a soup kitchen. Such a good experience. It made me appreciate my life more, and experience what Christmas means to me.. at night time, I went over to Lala's to exchange presents. Betty, Flo, Victor and all the boys came over to watch step brothers and hang out. So cozy. Loves it. I loved all my gifts but I was mostly anxious to open up my new lomography camera! Right now I am packing and attempting to pull an all niter so I can sleep on the drive to Vegas. I'll be there for 5 days.. so excited.. tons of family time, meeting up with friends, shopping, food, shows.. can't get any better..


a very merry lovesbewbs-mas! 

i made joellen a gaga hello kitty <3.
We are about to wrap this year up with New Years just around the corner.. still deciding what to do the day of.. I met so many amazing people and made so many amazing memories.. kind of sad to see it go but bring it on 2010!

PS: you won't hear from me for a week.. leaving the lappy at home.. xoxo


Rock N' Roll Suicide

Yesterday I went on Christmas shopping adventures with Serena and Christine. We accidentally took the toll road and ended up in the middle of nowhere desert past Irvine. We were stranded for awhile till we found $1 in change to pay for the toll. Who carries change anywho?

passed by this amazing window filled with teapots. love.
Right now I am doing laundry and packing up some things for my mini Christmas getaway to Las Vegas. I'll be staying at the new M resort and spa for 5 days. Indoor skydiving, cupcake bars, The Beatles Cirque du Soleil LOVE, magic shows, shopping adventures and hopefully snow! Christmas in Vegas is always a good time.. I have a few friends coming up to Vegas for New Years. Still deciding whether or not to stay. We shall see..
Black is the new red.
Also, a friend of mine has recently passed. RIP Cameron Torres. A beautiful person and such a tragic death.. I will always remember your smile and laugh.You were always so giving and selfless. Such a warm-hearted person.You are truly loved and missed. You are finally at peace my love.My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends and loved ones. I'll see you on the other side<3


Santa Baby

Christmas is just around the corner. I still haven't begun my shopping. Ah!! I'm lying here in bed watching three's company, sick. Just my luck.. A few things I have on my Christmas wish list are

Pink Beach Cruiser

Holga Lomography 35 mm Camera

Black platform ankle boots from Topshop. 

AA High-Waist Disco Pants

We still haven't put up a tree yet. My mom agreed to have a pink one this year. The day after Christmas i'll be visiting family in Las Vegas for a few days. I'm hoping it'll be a white Christmas. We are checking in to a new spa/resort called M. It will be nice to meet up with my Vegas friends but I wish Joellen was coming!!

And a few photos from Joellen's Birthday adventure..



Don't forget my lipstick, I left it in your ashtray..

Friday was Joellen's Birthday. Tons of wild adventures. We headed up to Universal in the morning to watch a taping of Late Night with Conan O' Brian. The guests were Bear Grylls, Zach Braff, and Tony Bennett. William Shatner and Sara Palin made surprise appearances. Such a good episode! So funny! Afterwords we got free CD's & brewed our own tea at city walk. Headed to a party down the street that Joe & her boy were spinning at. Pregamed it before we went in. So much silly fun. <3. Joe locked her keys in the car so the firefighters ended up breaking in. Typical. Two more finals left. I'm all ready for winter celebrations!!  

Here are some old photos from last weekend and Rusko.


Rusko on Fire

Last night was chaotic. One of the craziest nights I have had in a long time! We arrived at the Avalon around 10 and the line was INSANE. It actually wasn't even a line.. just a huge mob of hundreds of people crowding around like ants to get in. Deftones was playing earlier that day. They didn't start letting people in until around 11ish!  I literally puked at the thought of no separate line for guest-list or will call.  We pushed our way to the side entrance to find the guy who was getting us in. Almost 2 hours of waiting and pushing through sweaty gross people we were in. There wasn't even room to dance. I could here Pete announcing things on the megatron so I made my way to the front of the stage where I saw kidcity. Diplo was in the house too! Got on stage, looked for him.. couldn't find him so I decided to dance behind rusko. His brother in law introduced me to him. Very cool. Discovered he uses traktor. crazy right? Got a text from Pete to go upstairs. He takes me to his friends VIP booth where I hangout for a bit until this obnoxious gay guy forces me to come with him on stage again. Eventually they kick everyone but the DJ off so I make my way to the front of the crowd to find the tallest, strongest looking man to put me on his shoulders. The crowd was so insane. The energy was wild. LA is now rusko's hometown!! I officially pronounce him the king of dubstep. He killed it. Amaaaaaazing set.Can't wait till the next show. Avalon needs to work on being more organized.

All my photos are on disposable so be patient! Until then, these should do.. 

Diplo in the house!

ruskiez brudder.

photos taken by whoopthis.com