New Year, New Babe Pool

Thursday night, Alyson and I went over to her friend Hailey and Caleb's house to get ready for our Los Angeles New Years adventure. Met up with a few more people then headed over to Caleb's show at the echo.

By the end of the night we were all putting on our own show with synchronized dance moves on stage.. ahah. Such a good turnout.. So epic. After the show, we squeezed in to the car and headed over to another party. Finally made it home at around 4am. 


Friday night, Alyson, Vivian, Gio and I headed over to Chris's party in Santa Ana. Ended up leaving after an hour to hang out at Vivian's instead.. Last night I went to a DnB event in Los Angeles. Papa Pacheco was spinning..

Happy New Years!

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Joellen said...

Cute pics gerl love the flickr~!