I used to live in a heartbeat city, I swear i'd fall in love every minute on the street

Spring break weekend. Los Angeles adventures. Echo park/silverlake music adventures & local foods. Vintage shopping on Melrose & Mullholland drive hiking trails. Attended yacht/washed out/small black/pictureplane show..



Clare said...

Sounds rather fun! Love your outfit, cute!

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Hope Chella said...

exciting...sorry about the annoying boys though! yuck yuck!!!

Have a great Monday :)

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Great outfit and great spring break =) That concert looked like a lot of fun!

t said...

cute outfit! :)


Couture said...

I like your outfit!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Sorry to hear the weekend wasn't as perfect as it could be, but hopefully you still enjoyed it! Love the second picture of you, adore the head bow, the shorts and the necklace all together! :)

simona said...

thanks for the comment!i like your blog i follow you. follow me? <3


Vintage Obsession said...

P.S love the lacy dress and the head band your wearing:)

MOLLYKT said...

sounds amazing, is that a chanel necklace i spy? luckyyyyy

coolboy said...

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how are u

thanks for comment

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Annie Spandex said...

Cool pics! I miss LA..

StuddedLilly said...

awesome blog and stunning header! definitely will return soon :)


Alita Claudia Raisa said...

I love your lacey top !

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STARR said...

I loove the headwraps.