Party With Children

Last night, Joellen, Paul and I attended the RATATAT show in Pomona. Met up with Shawn, Christina, and Aaron. Hung out at the bar and had a drink with Vinh and Meg. Went into the theater once Ratatat started to play. It was such an amazing rush to see them perform live. I have been a big fan since the duo performed under the name "Cherry". The crowd was crazy and full of energy.. I somehow managed to convince the security to let me into the press pit to take photos which I will develop soon!! So epic. After the show, we went to the after party and that's when the chaos began.. Met up with some friends.. Joellen got a free adios from the bartender whom she later flashed her six year expired ID to and said it was her sister's who looks nothing like her. By the end of the night, I had to carry her to the car because she broke her foot. She is now in crutches..


Joellen said...

So sexy!

lovelostlostlove said...

love your outfit!! where did you find your leopard print coat?

XO -Geraldine

durbansweatheart said...

lol i follow joellen, like the same thing! i love ur feathers at the top of the page. thx for commenting on my blog!


JustNorman said...

If I twittered I'd probably say something along the lines of #LOOKINGOOD OR #HOLLAAAA.

looks like a great time though.


lovelostlostlove said...

ahh yeah I figured it would be from Goodwill, thanks though!!

btw.. the photos on your flickr are amazing, I love how you capture LA and make it a bit more admirable! <3

Caylen said...

ahahha, you're so funny Norman!!


Rose said...

I really like the looks of you and your friend (who reminds me Kate Perry) but what I liked most was the Jim Beam.. haha
Personally, I would have given a more personal touch with a vintage corset over Davidson Marley T-shirt, or customize the shirt to make it a corset .. If you notice check out the web designer Maya Hansen, her latest collection is brutal.

Liz said...

Sounds like quite a night! I love your eclectic outfit

Caylen said...
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Anonymous said...

That leopard print coat is great!

Rose said...

Check out the first post, you'll like it, is on the lingerie of which I spoke, in particular the video ..

Nav said...

LOVE your tee and leopard print jacket! amazing!



estefaniap said...

your blog is so amazing!!!!

newest follower!


Anonymous said...

Awesome outfit! Love your photos!


le pearl said...

awesome outfit <3

love grunge so muchh