Midnight Bowling

Last week I was invited by one of my favorite comedians, Eric Wareheim to the Tim and Eric 2010 Tour in Pomona. You can catch their show on Adult Swim. I had sent him a clip of my cat watching their "Ooh Mama" clip which scored me a pair of free tickets!! Yay!! Unfortunately, my roll of film had melted ruining most of my well-documented weekend adventures..

Thursday night, Shawn & Kathy picked me up and we headed down to the Laguna Beach Artwalk to watch LA Ghost play.

 Later that night, we grabbed a few drinks and headed to Dub Strike. (Dubstep + Free Bowling)
Before we even got inside, Kathy and I were escorted out for sneaking over the patio gate. We were still able to get in though.. The crowd was oddly mixed with cholas and hipsters. Met up with a few friends.. and went bowling with Skerrit Bwoy.

He takes the cake for the craziest person i've ever met.. at one point he had used his Pon de Floor dance move on me, but instead of jumping off a ladder, he used a chair.
(I won by the way).

This pretty much sums up half my weekend. Stay tuned for another huge post tomorrow! xxo


JustNorman said...

you got daggered by skerrit bwoy? I'm not even gay and I'd let dude dagger me. you're a lucky gal wild heart.

once again you're as lovely as ever. and peep the blog, I did a post and you're linked up.


Caylen said...

Yes, he daggered me.. I don't even know what to say.. ha ha. I was thinking hm.. I bet Norman is going to be jealous.. ;)

& thanks so much for the blog drop. I appreciate all your kind comments.