"All That You Keep is The Journey, All You Keep Are The Spaces in Between"

"Dreams are sometimes called the veil, that which is between the waking world and that of spirit."
As bizarre as this may sound.. I believe my friend's spirit visited me last night-- youthful and full of life; as if all the suffering from the incarnation had been lifted. I dreamt of something so rich and compelling-- easily described as transcendent. There was a noticeable difference between my normal dreams and this visitation. It was simply more than a dream. Spirits often use our Dreamworld to make important connections. as We all have a need of some kind to keep in touch with our loved ones, whether they’re living or deceased, but, this kind of communication has allowed me to understand things from his perspective. This visit has helped me reconcile feelings of loss and quelled my grief.  It has produced a measure of comfort and the assurance that he is not far away. This dream, evidently, reveals evidence that the human spirit lives on.As this dream will cling to my heart, this encounter has raised my consciousness and instilled within me a new faith in God and certainty of an afterlife.  Guiding souls are not on a spiritual platform above us, but rather amongst us. My mind is now happily at peace  from all the “What ifs” and the void in my heart is now filled with the kind of closure I thought I could never attain from the deceased. Thank you and I miss you dearly..<3