Rock n' Roll For The Teenage Soul

Saturday night, Joellen & I attended Alyson's rock N' roll themed housewarming party. I'm so excited she moved to the O.C. Tons of wild nights and chaotic adventures to come.


Today I went with Christine for morning cupcakes and tea followed by the hairdressers. We had planned on attending a few superbowl parties but instead, decided on having a thrift store shopping & Italian dinner date.



Joellen said...

Ooh more more show me more!

jessica danielle. said...

These are some lovely photos!
I love the cupcakes :)


Ash Fox said...

you look sooo pretty!


Caylie said...

thank you :) xx

Catarina said...

great outfits :)
The cupcakes look yummy and thrift store shopping and an italian dinner date sound alot better that a superbowl party ;)