Champion Sound

Thursday night, Mickey and I headed downtown to check out the Crosby for a little. 

Hung out with Chris and Megan for a bit..

Chris just got off tour with the Glitch Mob. Check out Chris's music project "Free the Robots" here.

Last Night was Megan and Mickey's "Champion Sound" event in Newport. It was held at this little art gallery that had interesting pieces and a cool eclectic vibe. It was such a good turn out..
Mickey (from kid city) surprised me, he was amazing! During his set, everyone crowded around the stage (even the security and the doorman) and couldn't help but dance..

ya brah, raise duh r00f*~
ohh hello dere
typical bromos.
and of course.. Thavius Beck who was also quite the crowd pleaser.. check him out here.

Yeooow!! GO Thavius.

Have a good Fourth of July weekend guys. Stay safe.. xxo


Jasmin said...

Great photos!

TASHA B said...

that leopard coat is to die for!!


Luísa Lión said...

you look so cute love your look!°!!