Let the sun burn my eyes, let it burn my back

Let it sear through my tights
I'll feel wide wide open

It's the last few weeks of summer. Time to live.


*rachelwears said...

love the union jack, love the headband, love the whole look! <333

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Lovely outfit to the Beach love the hippie look headband. Great photos throughout your Blog.
X Ari

Amy said...

Love these pictures. You look so cute! I love your blog header too - I've had that saved in my tattoos folder for about a hundred years. I want a feather tattoo so bad and you've just reminded me how much!


Style Porn said...

I wanna be there. On a beach. Somewhere sunny. Ugh.

Grace said...

You have some panache lady!

Love Grace.

jamie-lee said...

glad to see you enjoying your last few weeks of summer. loving the blouse you wore to thebeach x


jtrasa said...

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