Sun Hands

Saturday was the free Hot Hot Heat/ Weezer show at the U.S. Open in Huntington Beach. We somehow managed to squeeze our way close to the stage through the crowd of thousands. But being 5'2" and standing behind the relatively tall surfer/bro crowd made it impossible to see. So I decided to make use of my crowd surfing skills and surf my way to the front! Success! Front row center. Unfortunately, my camera was in my purse that Serena was holding so I was unable to document the concert. Let's just say the crowd was insane, and both bands killed it. You know an artist is amazingly talented when they sound 100% better live than on record.

Hot Hot Heat. (Taken on my tippy toes)

This is my last week of summer.. This Wednesday, Joellen and I are attending the Joan Jett/ Runaways concert. I had gotten my tickets a few months ago when my guitar instructor was the lead guitarist for Cherie Curry's new Runways band. Since then, the balding ex Guns N' Roses "drummer" Matt Sorum has taken over. Friday night, I am attending the RUSH concert with my friend Georgio & my dad. Perfect week to end summer.. I'm ready to get back to school and feel useful. xxo


anouk said...

looks so super great.

Caylie said...

<333 love it


rewind and play again said...

whoooo, so great pictures ! awesome :)

popdisorder said...

i like your the t-shirt+shorts
always works :)